Chronotron is the media player every musician should have in their toolbox. Tempo and pitch can be adjusted independently during audio and video playback without affecting one another, allowing to slow down audio and video material for easier music and speech transcription. And there's more...

Deconstruct your favorite tunes with Chronotron

Manipulate media clips on the go in all sorts of ways: transpose backing tracks, remove or isolate vocals, step note by note during playback (forward or backward), analyze complicated dance steps, and even use Chronotron as the default media player to enjoy its unique features all the time.

• Time-stretch audio and video from 25% to 400% in real time
• Change key from -12 to 12 semitones with optional format preservation in real time
• Download and play YouTube videos with the built-in downloader
• Make transcription a breeze with the innovative Hold mode, polyphonic note detection and the built-in piano keyboard and guitar/bass fretboard
• Use the Surface Dial to control tempo or play note by note in Hold mode
• Play sections of a media clip in a loop
• Memorize up to 10 specific positions in a media file with markers
• Use the Solo Channel function to isolate individual audio channels
• Enhance your sound with the 10-band equalizer, volume and balance controls
• Fine-tune audio and video synchronization with the video delay control
• Recall last used tempo and key settings automatically when opening playlists or individual files
• Render tempo and key changes to a new media file (.mp3, .m4a or .wav for audio, .mp4 for video)
• Supports .m3u, .mp4, .m4a, .wmv, .mp3, .wav, .flac and .wma

Download Chronotron

You can download Chronotron from the Microsoft Store.



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