Chronotron Speed Changer

Q: Where can I find the Chronotron Speed Changer version history?

A: You can find the Chronotron Speed Changer version history here.

Q: My question is not answered here. Can you help?

A: Please feel free to use our contact form.


Q: What happened to Chronotron Pro?

A: In March 2015 Chronotron Pro has been renamed to just Chronotron.

Q: How do I know what version of Chronotron I'm running?

A: Open the Settings window. The window title looks like "Configuration - Chronotron X.X.X.X", where X.X.X.X is the version number.

Q: Will Chronotron continue to support Winamp?

A: Chronotron version 4.3 and later include native support for Winamp. Future Chronotron releases may support other audio players.

Q: I'm running Windows XP and WMP can't play YouTube video files downloaded with ChronoTube

A: On Windows XP Windows Media player can't play MP4 video files unless you install additional codecs. You can install one of the community codec packs (e.g. CCCP).
With the right codecs installed WMP should be able to play MP4 files, but Chronotron still may not be able to affect the tempo of the video file. In that case you should try converting MP4 files to WMV using the Chronotron File Processor application - no need to change the tempo or pitch, but just process the file with it. WMV files usually work fine with Chronotron on Windows XP.

Q: The tempo slider has no effect on video playback, or just affects the audio part

A: Video playback support is heavily dependent on the video codecs used by the file you're playing. Try converting your video to .AVI or .MPG. You can also try processing your video file with the standalone app, which supports more video codecs because it's free from the constraints of real-time playback.

Q: The tempo slider has no effect on my audio file

A: Please note that Windows Media Player disables DSP plug-ins when playing protected content (DVD, DRM-encoded WM files, etc.). The player may also disable DSP plug-ins when playing certain file types, such as MIDI files. These limitations apply to any DSP plug-in and are not related specifically to Chronotron.

Q: Audio stutters or gets distorted when I move the tempo slider

A: Your CPU may be struggling to run Chronotron. Try lowering the quality setting as described in the documentation.

Q: On Windows 7 and later Chronotron appears in a separate window. Can I embed the plug-in in the WMP Settings Area like it was possible on Windows XP?

A: Sort of. Here are the steps to show Chronotron in the Settings area when using Windows 7 or later (i.e. WMP 12 or later):

  • Run WMP as Administrator (otherwise you won't be able to change the plug-in settings).
  • Change the Chronotron settings NOT to run in a separate window. Check the Chronotron documentation if in doubt.
  • Close WMP.
  • Open WMP and switch to Now Playing by pressing Ctrl + 3.
  • While in Now Playing mode, press the Alt key to show the WMP menu.
  • In the View menu, select Plug-ins and then Chronotron.
Note that Chronotron will still show in a separate, but smaller window. Unfortunately this is the new WMP 12 location of the Settings area (which is the same for all WMP plug-ins and built-in enhancements).

Q: I'm a developer and I would like to integrate the Chronotron time stretching effect on my own application. What are my options?

There are two options:

  • Use the Remoting API, available in the downloads section, to control an instance of Chronotron running on Windows Media Player. This option is the easiest, but gives you limited control.
  • Host Chronotron as a filter in a DirectShow Filter Graph, bringing up its property page for the user to control the effect. This option gives you much more control.
Both options above rely on end users of your app to adquire their own Chronotron license. If you require to implement a different scenario please feel free to describe it to us via the contact form.

Q: What happened to the other products (Chronotron v3.x, Adapt-X, etc.)?

A: has discontinued other products.

Q: I noticed that ChronoTube (the YouTube download plug-in) is licensed under the GPL. What does it mean?

A: We rely on the open source community, in particular the YoutubeExtractor Project, to make sure that the download functionality in ChronoTube stays up to date. In return, the ChronoTube plug-in has been released under an open source license, so its source code is available on request. Please note that the open source license applies to ChronoTube only, which is a separate Windows Media Player plug-in distributed together with Chronotron. Chronotron software remains closed-source (and proprietary, commercial) software.

Chronotron Mobile (discontinued product)

Q: Where can I find the Chronotron Mobile version history?

A: You can find the Chronotron Mobile version history here.

Q: My question is not answered here. Can you help?

A: Please feel free to use our contact form.

Please feel free to use our contact form if you have any questions.

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